Help for your client

  • washing and fridge - Sept
  • table dining pine 6 chairs - Sept
  • beds lots brighter- Sept
  • crockery white - Sept
  • Preen and van - Sept smudged

Preen works with agencies across Bedfordshire and in surrounding areas to target those most in need. We have a range of items to suit most budgets and can provide starter packs including cutlery, kitchen utensils, bedding, or other specific items that your client needs.

If you are buying items for a client please complete a Client Referral form. We will contact you to discuss their circumstances and how we can best help your client.

If your client is paying for items themselves, please direct them to Preen. If they are on a low income or means tested benefits they can join as a Supported Member (at no charge) which means they receive 15% discount on essential reused items costing £19 or more.

Our staff are fully trained in treating vulnerable people with dignity and understanding; and our prices are flexible for people in real need, so we will be able to find something that does the job for your client. Please remember, we do need proof of low income (whether it’s earnings or benefits) in order for your client to join as a Supported Member.

Emergency help from your local authority

Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants were replaced with Emergency Provision and Grant Provision respectively back in April 2013. Emergency and Grant Provision are now dealt with by the relevant local authority, telephone numbers are below. N.B. Applications MUST be made by telephone.